Art Overload

My feet have been hurting all day from walking around the Met, so yes, I am rather short on pithy observations. It’s a humbling, terrifying amount of art and it gets me on a kind of intellectual tailspin, and then I feel like a tool for being in said tailspin.

First, I have to say something about my breakfast. On my way to the subway station, I walked into several coffee shops and then walked out because I wasn’t feeling a chocolate croissant or what have you. All I wanted in the world was a wholesome bagel and some iced coffee. I gave up and decided to try my luck in the Upper East Side. As I emerged from the staircase leading up to 77th and Lexington, there I spot a Pick a Bagel. It’s moments like those that I 100% believe in God. And then, that begs the question: doesn’t God have better things to do than cater to my breakfast cravings? Anyway, Pick a Bagel is my kinda place. They don’t mess around, as you can see from the picture. No sad-ass little Philadelphia tear-away container thrown into a brown paper bag here. No sir. I got my pumpernickel slathered in jalapeño cream cheese on both sides because this is America.

Fun with filters.

These struck my fancy. I’d like to say they’re Celtic. Or maybe they’re from present-day England. Like I said, I saw a lot of stuff.

Greek column. Ionic. At this point, I was still reading stuff and geeking out. I had energy, both mental and physical. It was a simpler time.

Who doesn’t like dolphins?

So this Margherita from Serafina was good. Creamy tomato sauce, nothing overly sweet or canny about it. Kalamata, with pit, always good. Chewy, no-nonsense mozzarella. I was sad that there was only one piece of basil. It was a good basil leaf. I could have used about six more of those. I’m a basil kind of girl.

Flora, as in Flora and Priapo. I wasn’t a fanatic about it, but Bernini assisted in sculpting the pair, so I suppose it’s one of the more well-known sculptures I saw today.

I’ll be back at the Met tomorrow because you can go for three days in a row when you buy one admission ticket. I know I won’t see it all, but maybe I’ll feel more zen about the whole thing after a good night’s sleep.

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